Career in Genetic Counselor – Growing Demand in the Medical Field

The Human Genome Project and other initiatives are being taken in the field of healthcare, after which the role of genetic counseling has increased considerably.

Chromosomes of the human body contain between 25 and 35 thousand genes. Many times these genes are not properly distributed in the body, causing chromosomal abnormalities such as thalassemia, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, cleft lip palate, neurodegenerative or genetic problems. However, to tackle this, the Human Genome Project and other initiatives are being taken in the field of healthcare, after which the role of genetic counseling has increased considerably. In such a situation, the possibilities are more for those who want to make a career in Genetic Counselor.

The Possibilities

According to an estimate, some 5 percent of the population has some kind of inherited disorder. These are disorders that are not detected in the beginning. But a genetic counselor can tell how much a person has such a problem. This gives information about many genetic disorders in time. In this way, genetic counselors give emotional and psychological support to family members apart from giving information about hereditary diseases. They study inheritance patterns by studying the family history of the patient.

Skills Required for Genetic Counseling

Communication is the most important skill for genetic counseling and also, the patience to deal with difficult situations. A counselor is also required to be non-judgmental so that after knowing everything, the patient can take his own decision. The patient should also be confident that the counselor will always give advice for their well being.

Education Qualification

To become a genetic counselor, candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Genetics and Psychology as well as an MSc, BTech or MTech degree in Life Science or Genetic Counseling.

Related courses in India

Gurunanak Dev University of Punjab, kamineni institute of medical sciences, Osmania University, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Lucknow, St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science, Mahatma Gandhi Mission, Aurangabad. Apart from these, Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Gangaram Hospital can do short-term courses. There are more opportunities if we talk about the options in this field, and then there are opportunities at four levels.

Apart from a job in a hospital, you can work as a private practice or independent consultant. The second chance is found in diagnostic laboratories. Here the genetic counselor can play the role of a mediator between the physician and the lab. The third area is related to education and public policy wherein companies can be tried with hands on teaching along with mentoring. At the same time, the fourth opportunity is in the research sector, where there are plenty of opportunities.

Attractive Salary

Economic stability in the area of ​​genetic counseling is complete. However, salary depends on the job profile and sector. A private practitioner or a professional working in a private hospital can earn up to 50 thousand rupees a month. While those who working in the government department can earn between 25 and 40 thousand a month.

What is Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counselors advise people about what a genetic disease is and how to treat it. Especially for couples who are newly married. There are several ways of genetic counseling. One is to explain to the marriages what their illness is and how it happens. How to overcome this disease?

A genetic counselor should master degree in science. A pregnant woman is advised for genetic counseling when there are chances of any genetic disease in prenatal testing. After the examination, according to the orders of the women and their families, it is thought that the pregnancy is to be continued or not.

Sometimes it also happens that after the birth of the child, people go for genetic counseling if there is any problem in the child. In such a situation, the counselor tells that if this child has this condition, then what problems could happen to the next children and then what should he do. They can tell by looking at family history whether there is any dangerous disease in this family or not and if so what should that family do.

Genetic counseling is done when there is a possibility of panic disorder in the family. If maternal age is more than 35 and father’s age are more than 40. There is a mistake in ultrasound or the prevalence of cancer in family history. Some diseases like Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, deficiency of red blood cells and muscular dystrophy come from the parents. Therefore it is very important to treat them. Sometimes cancer is also genetic. It explains everything a genetic counseling. This profession is very Nobel. It saves many lives and increases people’s knowledge.

Genetic Counseling in India

The sad thing is that it still does not have much movement in our country. It would be good that people meet a genetic counselor before marriage. Most people in our country go to astrologers before marriage to see if the stars are right, but we do not think about health. It would be better that we Indian citizens also think about genetic diseases and take right steps on time. This profession has many names in America.

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